Simple Ways To Clean Roman Blinds | Comprehensive Guide

Simple Ways To Clean Roman Blinds

Just like other things, roman blinds also need care and maintenance to last longer. Homeowners have to clean them to prevent wear and tear before time because proper maintenance might increase the life span of the stuff. Moreover, regular cleaning makes the blinds more appealing, refreshed, and worthwhile.

In this blog, we will share Ways To Clean Roman Blinds, pro tips, and all relevant considerations. Roman blinds can be cleaned by washing in machines, whether by dry cleaning or steam cleaning. You will learn all these methods right here in this guide; stay reading.

Required Tools And Materials For Cleaning

When intending ways to clean roman blinds, you might need the following tools:

  • Duster
  • Vacuum cleaner (Soft brush)
  • Clean cloth
  • Warm water (machine wash)
  • Soap (machine wash)
  • Steamer
  • Washing machine

Procedure For Dry Clean Roman Blinds

The procedure of cleaning is divided into smaller steps to make understanding easier. The following are steps to complete this activity.

  • Unfold the blind
  • Rub off grease
  • Dust or vacuum
  • Clean fabric’s folds
  • Remove stains

Unfold The Blind: Unfold the blind properly. If it has a cord with it, make sure to get them off, so it may lay flat.

Rub-Off Grease: Your blind may contain spots of grease. Rub them off using a clean cloth.

Dust Or Vacuum: If there is a little dust on your blind, you can clean it with a clean cloth; if it is dustier, you can go for a proper vacuum with a soft brush to clean it properly.

Clean Fabric’s Folds: Due to their long time of folding, roman blinds may have collected dust and debris. Therefore, make sure to clean these folds with a higher concentration.

Remove Stains: Removing stains from the blinds is a difficult step that may take more time. It needs a proper proceeding. However, you will find details about it in the latter part of this blog.

How To Remove Stains From Roman Blinds?

How To Remove Stains From Roman Blinds

Removing stains from the roman or office blinds is quite possible, but this should be done with great care. You should prevent the stains from spreading, take care of delicate fibers, and don’t use water directly.

Remove Stains Using Water

Use a damp cloth to rub off the stain. Take care of fragile fabrics and also make sure that there should not be any kind of watermark. If it doesn’t have any effect on the stain, add any detergent to the water and repeat the previous process again. Hopefully, this will be useful in removing stains from the roman blinds.

Clean Stains With Washing Machine

People may ask if they can wash roman blinds in the washing machine; the answer is yes. However, they will have to confirm with the relevant brand of the blinds whether they are washable or not.

Because the blinds can be decolorized or shrunk due to the pulling of the machine, their fibers may get damaged due to the rotatory motion of the washing machine. Eventually, we won’t recommend you put your Venetian blinds into the washing machine.

Ways To Clean Roman Blinds In Washing Machine?

After all the warnings, if you have made a bold decision and are ready to risk your blinds by cleaning them in the washing machine, the following instructions are for you.

  • Get out all the cords from the blinds.
  • If it is a modern one, then unclip it first.
  • Remove the fabric cover carefully.
  • Remove the rods and weight from the bottom, taking the blind out.
  • Put it in the machine; give it a washing cycle at a low temperature with a delicate detergent.
  • Instead of tumble drying, simply hang and weight the blind.
  • Replace it in its original location.

What About Steam Clean For Roman Blinds?

It depends on the material from which blinds are made. Most blinds are designed in such a way that they may get harmed when exposed to dampness or higher temperatures. Therefore, steam cleaning is not reasonable for roman blinds. Owners should go to a dry cleaner. If you still think that your motorized blinds can withstand steam, follow the following instructions to clean them.

  • Don’t take the blinds down.
  • Keep the temperature of the steam low.
  • Keep the steamer away from the blind.
  • Move it quickly so it may not saturate at one point.
  • When you are done, keep it completely extended to face some air.

Pro Tips and Ways to Clean Roman Blinds

  • To avoid tidemarks of dirt while adding water, dust the blind thoroughly.
  • The piece of cloth that is going to touch the blind must be neat and clean.
  • Rub the stains gently; otherwise, your force may harm the fragile fibers.
  • Keep the temperature low when steaming.
  • Maintain a distance between the steamer and the blind.
  • Don’t target any spot at blind for a long time while steaming.
  • Don’t tumble clean after washing the blinds.
  • Keep blinds flat in the air for drying.

Conclusion | Recommendation

If you are reading the conclusion, it is obvious that you have read the blog completely. Three ways to clean roman blinds are discussed in this blog; dry cleaning, direct washing by water, and steam cleaning. Normally, blinds are designed so that they cannot be washed or steamed because their fibers are too soft and delicate to withstand dampness or higher temperatures.

We’ll recommend only dry cleaning for these blinds to ensure the safety of their color, quality, fibers, and look. because water and steam cleaning are not quite suitable options for them. Nevertheless, if you are willing to proceed with these methods, follow the above instructions and accomplish this risky mission. Hopefully, you enjoyed the reading; if you have any questions, please contact our team.

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