How To Turn Common Window Blinds Into Smart Window Blinds | Comprehensive Guide

How To Turn Common Window Blinds Into Smart Window Blinds Comprehensive Guide

Window blinds are window coverings used for multiple purposes, like light control, privacy, and decoration. Sometimes, the blinds are open and the sun is shining. The painful glares enter the room, creating irritation for the inhabitants. The problem is that the person in the room cannot get up or is unwilling to get up. What should be done to close the blinds in this situation? There might be certain reasons for not closing the blinds manually. Is there any other option to close the blinds?

Yes, here is a smart way to Turn Common Window Blinds Into Smart Window Blinds. If there were smart blinds in the room, the person wouldn’t need to get up to close them because these blinds could be closed just with a click. Smart blinds are window coverings controllable by a smartphone app or voice command. These blinds make your life more restful and luxurious.

You might be curious about smart blinds after reading the preceding passage. In this blog, the team of “ Roller Blinds Dubai” will share a guide with you to convert your common blinds into smart blinds. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about smart blinds.

Why Turn Common Window Blinds Into Smart Window Blinds?

Why Make Ordinary Window Blinds Smart Window Blinds

You might wonder, why do so? Why should I invest in buying components for conversion? There are many reasons that are enough to convert your common blinds into smart blinds.

  • Smart blinds save time.
  • They provide easy access.
  • Energy and money can be saved by opening them during the day to get warmth.
  • The reason to Turn Common Window Blinds Into Smart Window Blinds is that they can provide you with better security and privacy as compared to common blinds.
  • It will be more honorable for your home when it is automated.
  • Smart blinds provide you with a remote control facility. You can close or open them from anywhere.
  • These blinds are available with a solar battery option to save you from replacing the common battery.

What To Consider In Smart Blinds?

What To Consider In Smart Blinds

Before investing in aggregates for smart blinds, you should consider some important factors about the smart device you are going to buy. Here are a few important deliberations regarding this:

  • Compatibility
  • Integration with other smart devices
  • Installation process
  • Smartphone usability
  • Schedule setter
  • Cost


Before buying smart components, make sure that your existing blinds are compatible with them. If you buy aggregates that are not compatible with your existing blinds, you will lose your money. You should keep in mind whether your office blinds are controlled by a loop or if they are horizontal blinds.

Integration With Other Smart Devices

Imagine what other smart things you have in your home. You should buy that automation mechanism that can integrate with your existing smart devices. You must take into account whether you are going to integrate with Amazon Alexa (a voice-based digital assistant) or ZigBee (a wireless technology used for automation purposes).

Installation Process

Go through the installation process of this smart device to Turn Common Window Blinds Into Smart Window Blinds and make sure that you can carry it on or not. If you think that you can’t do it, then call the professionals to carry out this job.

Smartphone Usability

Blinds with Smartphone Usability

Maybe there is only one option to control your smart blinds with the help of the app. What would happen if the app stopped working or stopped responding? The answer is that you should be prepared to face such an inconvenience.

Schedule Setter

One type of control includes the closing and opening of the blinds from a distance, and the other type provides the scheduling option for turning them on and off. Decide what kind of device you want to have in your room.


Estimate the cost first, because the conversion may be very expensive. Therefore, keep the cost in mind for conversion.

Possible Scenarios

There are two possible scenarios: your existing blind might be loop-controlled, which means it contains a beaded chain or cord loop for the opening and closing mechanism. For these blinds, you will use Axis Gear to covert common window blinds into smart window blinds.

There may be a 2-2.5 inch horizontal blind in your room. The best option will be the MySmartBlinds automation kit for conversion.

Conversion Of Loop Control Blind Into Smart Blind

Conversion Of Loop Control Blind Into Smart Blind

If there is a loop control blind in your home, you can go with an axis gear (a smart device to motorize the blinds) to make your blind smart. Aix gear is very suitable for heavy Blackout blinds. It beats other competitors in this quality. Here are some pros and cons of the axis gear.

Pros Of Axis Gear

The following advantages of this device appeal to buy it.

  • Compatibility with Alexa and ZigBee
  • Ability to lift heavy blinds
  • Available with solar power option
  • Easy to install

Cons Of Axis Gear

Axis gear has a few drawbacks that one should read before buying it.

  • Bulky appearance on each window
  • Not compatible with string-operated blinds

Aggregates Required For Installation

The following equipment must be arranged before starting the installation process:

  • Axis gear complete kit
  • Measuring tape
  • Adhesive tape
  • Hammer
  • Plier

Axis Gear Contains;

  • Positioning templates
  • Mounting brackets
  • Gear
  • Back lid
  • Double-sided tape / mounting screws

Procedure To Install Aix Gear

There are simple steps to install axis gear to Turn Common Window Blinds Into Smart Window Blinds. Simply follow the instructions and finish the process.

Remove All Existing Objects

Make sure that no object is connected with a chain or cord because it may jam the blind.

Decide Where To Mount 

There are three options to install axis gear. You can install it on the frame by mounting brackets. You can also install it inside the frame or outside the frame depending on the available space.

Install The Mounting Brackets

Install mounting brackets after choosing the place where to install gear. Install mounting brackets using positioning templates below the cord or chain. If the wall has a sturdy stud behind it, you should use screws, otherwise, go for double-sided tape for joining.

Connect Gear With Chain Or Cord

Attach the chain or cord of the blind with gear and close it. Don’t turn on the power until the installation is complete.

Attach The Gear To The Bracket

Place the gear against the mounting bracket flat. Then, slowly lower the device until the beaded chain or cord loop is tight.

Mount The Power Module

Install the power module on the window, and before doing it, make sure the window is neat and free from moisture. Connect the power module to the gear. It also has an AC power adapter to charge the battery.

Place The Cable Along With The Frame

With the help of clips, fix the cable near the window frame to present a neat and clean look to the blind.

Axis Gear Is Ready To Install

Congratulations! Now you have a smart blind in your home. You can turn on and off the blind with one click.

Conversion Of Horizontal Blind Into Smart Blind

Conversion Of Horizontal Blind Into Smart Blind

If there is a horizontal 2-2.5 inch blind in your home, MySmartBlind (Tilt Automation Kit) is the feasible option for converting a window blind into a smart blind. The tilt automation kit is available with the following merits and demerits:

Merits Of Tilt Automation Kit

A set of merits is given below.

  • Available with Alexa and Google voice assistant
  • Daily and weekly scheduling options
  • Green energy option
  • Available with sun tracking option

Demerits Of Tilt Automation Kit

Tilt automation also has the following demerits;

  • Difficult installation
  • Motor produces noise
  • Limited compatibility

Tilt Automation Kit Contains

  • Lithium battery
  • Motor box
  • A switch to maintain manually
  • Tilt road adapter
  • Cable clips

Procedure To Install Tilt Automation Kit

Following is the complete set of instructions to install the MySmartBlinds.

  • Take off the existing blinds
  • Take out the pins from the rod
  • Remove the manual switch
  • Pull the hook downward
  • Install the hardware of the tilt automation kit
  • Insert battery box inside the headrails
  • Connect the battery to the white connector on the motor
  • Connect the manual switch to the gray connector
  • Install the software on your phone and synchronize it with the tilt automation kit.


In this blog, you have studied the benefits of smart blinds with their pros and cons. We also explained the methods to Turn Common Window Blinds Into Smart Window Blinds. If there is a loop control blind in your home, the best option is axis gear. On the other hand, if you have a vertical blind with a width of 2–2.5 inches, the most feasible option is a tilt automation kit. Eventually, the choice is yours.

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