Wooden Blinds: Choosing, Installing, and Styling Tips

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Wood is a popular design element due to its durability and timeless style. The wooden blinds are the large window covers that not only help in designing the windows but also have other benefits like control over fresh air, daylight, and outside temperature entering in as well. They also provide warmth and add privacy to your home. Wooden window blinds are available in many many forms and shapes for home and building owners. In this article we will look at a few tips to choose, install, and style wooden blinds.

Choosing, Installing, and Styling Wooden Blinds

Tips To Choose Wooden Blinds

1. Examine The Room’s Needs

Examine The Room’s Needs

You should think about the activities that will take place in the room for which you are choosing wooden blinds. Blinds in the bedroom can be used for privacy and to shut out light, once you want to sleep. In other rooms where office work, reading, or cooking takes place, you would need plenty of light.

2. Determine Your Window Shape

Choose window blinds that would suit the shape of your windows. If you have a 6-foot wide window, shutter would not be very feasible for the. Similarly, reaching up to pull your blinds is illogical, if you have a 10-foot long window. Smaller windows look good with horizontal wooden blinds, while larger look better with vertical ones. Choosing blinds that don’t suit your window won’t look good and the whole room’s interior won’t work well with it either.

3. Humidity and Insulation Needs

Humidity and Insulation Needs

Selecting a wooden blind that can stand up to moisture is important if you live in a high humidity area. Wooden blinds are perfect options for bathroom and kitchen as these are the areas where moisture naturally occurs in your home. You should choose wooden blinds with a reflective or white backing that would help in insulating the areas exposed to temperature changes.

4. Think About Function

You should select the blinds that can be opened and closed easily if your windows are large in size. You should also consider what factor is more important for you, like the ones that are easy to maintain or use, or the ones that fit the look of your room. Look at the functionality of each option if you want your blinds with a string or a rod to open.

Tips To Install Wooden Blinds

1. Measure Your Windows

Measure Your Windows

You need to measure the height and width from the inside of the window frame. Measure the height from the mounting location to the windowsill, and measure the width from the outside wedges from your window frame.

2. Mark Installation Location

When installing the wooden blinds, you will have to drill holes for the mounting bracket. Make sure to avoid any mistake by measuring and marking every drill location. You should hold up your blind’s headrail to your marking to ensure that the location is accurate.

3. Insert Anchors

Insert Anchors

Mounting the heavy wooden blinds on your walls or ceilings can strain them. Insert anchors to secure the mounting brackets to the wall. Select an anchor that would match your wall. You can use drywall anchors for your drywalls or plasters and use masonry anchors for concrete, brick, or stone walls.

Drill a hole in the marked place to install the anchor. To insert the anchor, you need to tap it with a mallet for a secure fit. You can install faux wood blinds if you are worried about damaging your walls with the weight.

4. Place Side Mount Brackets

The side mount brackets have an open side and a hinged side. You should place the open side faced towards the window and the hinged side faced towards the outer edge of the window frame. You can simply screw the bracket into its place if you have installed anchors. Now, hold the bracket flush against the wall and secure it with screws.

5. Snap Headrail Into Place

After your brackets are installed safely, you need to insert the headrail of your blinds. Usually headrails easily snap into their place between the brackets. Although some models may have a hook system attached with the brackets. Leave your wooden blinds closed so hanging the headrail would be easier.

6. Add Your Valance

Add Your Valance

Attach the valance to the front of the headrail to cover the mounting brackets. Some valances snap into side brackets while some are magnetic. You can ask for expert advice to learn about the best ways to attach them.

Tips to Style Your Window Blinds

1. Styling Wooden Blinds With Interiors

Your blind’s finish is the first thing you need to consider when purchasing them. You should select the blinds that match with your floors, or wood furniture. You can also go with finishes that contrast instead of matching with your interior for extra excitement and dimension. You can choose lighter wood finishes for modern and airy rooms, while darker wood finishes for traditional and formal rooms.

2. Soften the Look

Soften the Look

If you think that the wooden blinds may look harsh or feel cold because of the lack of fabric, then you should pair them with softer colors and textures like upholstered furniture. You can also opt for a warmer finish to make your space more comfortable.

3. Don’t Discount White

Usually people prefer the look of wooden blinds, but some may prefer the durability of woods with an unconventional finish or paint. White wooden blinds would be ideal if you are designing a trendy, modern, and coastal living space. White color adds a fresh feel and fits well with every color style and scheme.

4. Consider Bamboo

Bamboo is becoming a popular design material because it brings a unique and natural look to your space. It is also an eco-friendly material. People prefer bamboo blinds for Zen, down-to-earth, and Asian design styles for their rooms.

5. Don’t Overlook the Control

Don’t Overlook the Control

Make sure to consider the control styles when you are picking any kind of blind. Blinds commonly feature pull cord, cordless, or wand style control. By choosing the right control option, you can adjust the light and comfort in your room according to need.

Final Words

When it comes to styling your room, windows might be the last thing you would consider to design but they play a huge role in making or breaking your room’s interior. It is very important to choose the window blinds for your room carefully. You also need to pay attention to the installing and styling of the window wooden blinds. In this blog, we have listed a few choosing, installing, and styling tips for the wooden blinds.

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