Cordless Or Spring-tensioned Roller Blind Problems | How To Fix Them?

Cordless Or Spring-tensioned Roller Blind Problems How To Fix Them

Roller blinds are being used abundantly because of their versatility, reliability, and attractive appearance. There are two major types of roller blinds; standard roller blinds, which are operated by a chain for upward or downward movement, and cordless or spring-tensioned, which are operated by a spring for movement mechanism.

Cordless Or Spring-tensioned Roller Blind Problems are happening today! Spring tensioned roller blinds are the topic of discussion today. Cordless roller blinds are provided with a coiled spring within the hollow top tube. It functions through a tensioned clutch mechanism that locks the fabric in place when activated. The fabric is released by gently pushing on the blind to raise or lower it to the appropriate level.

Children always love to play with these blinds, they enjoy the rising g of the blinds upward or downward with a clutch mechanism. Therefore your roller blinds may not operate properly and you need to fix them. In this blog, we will discuss all the possible problems of spring-tensioned roller blinds, and the team of “Roller Blinds Dubai” will help you to sort out problems and solve them.

Expected Cordless Or Spring-tensioned Roller Blind Problems

The spring-tensioned roller blind may face various problems because of its clutch mechanism that is dependent on a spring. The following Cordless Or Spring-tensioned Roller Blind Problems might be expected from these kinds of roller blinds.

  • Fabric jam
  • Unsmooth movement of blinds
  • Venetian Blinds can’t stay up
  • Unable to stop the blind where desired
  • Unable to be raised upward

Fabric Jam

Roller Blinds Fabric Jam

Problem: You’ve recently observed that the blind’s fabric is slightly rolling to one side, that the bottom of the blind isn’t level, or that the blind seems to become stuck all at once. You definitely need to fix it.

How To Fix?

  • Grab the bottom of the blind firmly and gradually pull it downwards until the cloth has completely unrolled.
  • If this works, simply re-roll the blind carefully and gently, paying attention to ensure that the cloth rolls evenly.
  • If this doesn’t work and you can’t get the blind to go up or down or the fabric is clearly stuck, remove the blind from its brackets to fix it.
  • When you are done with this, roll the cloth out to its full length by hand and then back up as straight as possible before rehanging it.
  • If there is no fabric jam issue, then, the spring-tensioned roller blind needs some spring adjustments.

Unsmooth Movement of Blinds

Unsmooth Movement of Blinds

Problem: Sometimes, cordless roller blinds are very resistant, even if they move unsmooth. This causes a lot of trouble when you try to move the roller blind upward or downward. To eliminate this problem you can follow these steps;

How To Fix Cordless Or Spring-tensioned Roller Blind Problems?

  • Roll the bamboo blinds up to the top.
  • Remove the blind from its brackets.
  • Unroll the blind to about half the length of the fabric.
  • Install the blind again on brackets and examine it.
  • If it is still more resistive, repeat all previous steps until you fix it.

Blind Can’t Stay Up

Problem: This is the issue you’ll have if the blind won’t engage the spring mechanism to hold the blind in the necessary position, or if it takes numerous tries and you then get it.

It might be because the blind’s spring mechanism has become filthy or dusty over time; this is more likely to happen with roller blinds in kitchens owing to humidity and possibly fat or oil particles gathering over time and drawing dirt to attach to it. You can fix it by following the procedure.

How To Fix?

  • Lower the half of the blind.
  • Remove the blind from the brackets, taking care not to uncoil the spring.
  • Clean any dirt or debris from the spring mechanism using a toothpick if necessary.
  • Gently roll the blind back up to its original position.
  • Install the blind again on brackets and examine it.
  • If it is still loose, repeat all previous steps until you fix it.

Unable To Stop The Blind Where Desired

Unable To Stop The Blind Where Desired

Problem: The spring on your roller blinds is too loose, the roller blind travels freely up and down but doesn’t stop rolling where you wish. Here is how to recover it.

How To Fix?

  • Take the motorized blinds out of the brackets.
  • Look to one side of the blind’s upper bar for the pin.
  • Using pliers, spin the pin clockwise until it can no longer be twisted.
  • Fix the blind in its brackets, and your issue should be resolved.

Unable To Be Raised Upward

Cordless Or Spring-tensioned Roller Blind Problems: If the spring has been broken or uncoiled, there would be no more tension in the roller blind. Once it is unrolled, you will be unable to roll it back, it means you won’t be able to raise the blind again after the uncoiling of the spring. however, you may fix the problem using the following problem.

How To Fix?

  • Pull the blind out from the brackets.
  • Unfold the blind up to its midway.
  • Pinch the pin on the spring side of the blind with a plier until it is tensed.
  • Move the plier in the proper direction to smooth the tension of the blind.
  • When you accomplish it, install the blind back into the brackets.


While fixing the problems of cordless or spring-tensioned roller blinds, always take care of a few important aspects. If you don’t care for them you might waste your roller office blinds and have to install new which can cause you to waste your money and time.

  • Take out the blind carefully from the brackets.
  • Pulley the blind downward with great care and less force.
  • Don’t twist the plier forcefully while executing the task.


We have completed our blog on different Cordless Or Spring-tensioned Roller Blind Problems and their fixing procedures. We hope you would have found the solution to your problem here; if your issue is still unresolved, feel free to contact our team “Roller Blinds Dubai” to beat your trouble.

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