Simple Ways To Clean Wood Blinds | Perfect Guide

Simple Ways To Clean Wood Blinds Perfect Guide

Wood blinds are versatile dressings for windows. They act as decoration pieces in the rooms. Their aesthetical appearance adds value to the beauty of living spaces. They provide better light control and a greater level of privacy in your room. There may be two types of wood blinds; one is real wood blinds, and the other is faux wood blinds.

Faux wood blinds are made of PVC, and real wood blinds are made of real wood. Irrespective of their types, they give a peaceful and captivating view of the room. In the era of pollution, lots of dust particles, smog, and pollen can settle on the blinds, establishing a dust layer. So now you don’t need to worry at all, here are the Simple Ways To Clean Wood Blinds.

This dust layer deteriorates the charm of wood blinds, decreasing the overall impact of the room. If you don’t tackle them in time, they become filthy, making the room’s atmosphere unpleasant and unappealing. In this blog, our team of “Roller Blinds Dubai” will present you with a perfect guide to cleaning (wood) blinds and discuss all relevant considerations about cleaning wood blinds.

Real Wood Blinds Or Faux Wood Blinds?

Real Wood Blinds Or Faux Wood Blinds

It is possible you didn’t buy wood blinds for your home and don’t know whether they are real wood blinds or faux wood blinds. Before proceeding with ways to clean wood blinds, make sure of the product’s material because both types have different cleaning techniques. Real wood blinds are lighter, their grain pattern varies, and excessive exposure to water can damage their color.

Unlike real wood blinds, faux wood blinds are heavier comparatively, their grain pattern remains the same, and excessive exposure to water doesn’t harm their color. Faux wood blinds can be cleaned by any type of cleaner. However, real wood Venetian blinds can only be dealt with by a proper cleaner.

Different Ways To Clean Wood Blinds

Wood blinds should be cleaned at least once a week to avoid a thick layer of dust, smoke, and pollen. If you clean blinds after a long time, the dust particles may stick with them, making dusting difficult. The wood blinds must be cleaned twice a year. The blinds hanging in kitchens deserve more care and diligence, as they are directly exposed to smoke and other contaminators.

Tools Required To Clean Wood Blinds

Tools Required To Clean Blinds

For proper cleaning, a cleaner should be equipped with the following tools to achieve the desired consequences:

  • Microfiber duster
  • Bucket
  • Soft cloth
  • Ladder
  • Wood conditioner
  • Stain remover (shaving cream)

Procedure & Different Ways To Clean Wood Blinds

Cleaning requires a few steps to complete;

  • A dusting of slats
  • Wipe with solution
  • Use wood conditioner
  • Clean the cords

A dusting of slats

A dusting of Wooden slats

  • Hold a duster to clean slats.
  • Close the blinds and place a sturdy ladder before them to climb upward.
  • Start dusting from the top, cleaning each slate left to right one by one.
  • Rotate each slat to dust the other side for proper clean-up.
  • Don’t forget to wipe the blinds’ header.

Wipe With Solution

  • Read the instructions on the label of the cleaning solution.
  • If the solution is in concentrated form, add some water to dilute it.
  • Put this solution in the bucket.
  • Start wiping the slats with a soft cloth dipped in the solution.
  • Wipe the slats left to right, moving downward.
  • Rotate the slats to expose and wipe other sides of the slats.
  • When you are done, wipe all the slats with a dry cloth to absorb the remaining moisture.

Use Wood Conditioner

  • Read the instructions for the wood conditioner.
  • Apply it to the wood blinds to bring it shining back.
  • Apply on both sides of the slats.
  • Avoid putting stains on strings of blinds.
  • You can also use lemon oil instead of the wood conditioner.

Clean The Cords

Clean The Cords

  • One of the Best Ways To Clean Wood Blinds Sprinkle the shaving cream or any other stain remover on a clean cloth.
  • Grab the cords with a cloth and rub them with shaving cream.
  • Revise the previous step in each area where needed.
  • There is no need to rinse the cords.

Cleaning Of Wood Blinds With Tapes

Cleaning Of Wood Blinds With Tapes

Wood blinds come in different styles and design variations; some of them are available with decorative tapes. There is no special method to clean them. They are also cleaned like non-taped wood blinds. However, it is necessary to clean tapes because they attract grease. You can clean these blinds by following the instructions.

  • Close the blinds and open the slats horizontally.
  • Hold the tape with one hand to avoid any splitting of the tape from the blind.
  • With a soft and damp cloth, wipe the tape gently.
  • Clean with a dry cloth to absorb the remaining moisture.
  • Leave this in the air for a few hours.

How To Clean Yellowed Wood Blinds?

How To Clean Yellowed Wood Blinds

Here and there, white wood blinds become yellow because of less care and no maintenance. You may even forget that you have blinds in your room. One day, your conscience urges you to clean them, but how will you clean yellowed blinds? First, why are the blinds yellow? Whether due to grit, sunlight, or dust?

Remember! If the blinds are yellowed because of ultraviolet radiation, the most probable way is to replace them. However, you can try to clean them with bleach. Follow the steps to carry out the cleaning.

  • Equip yourself with gloves and a mask.
  • Arrange a tub full of cool water.
  • Add 2-3 cups of bleach powder.
  • Place the blinds in this water for ten minutes.
  • Remove from the tub, dry, and install them back.

You are done! This was a simple ways to clean wood blinds without damaging them. This process will make your blinds gorgeous and appealing again. After cleaning, your room will also offer an attractive look, making your mood pleasant and relaxed.


  • Don’t smoke in the room, as excessive smoke can build up a layer of nicotine on the blinds.
  • Don’t cook in the living room because it causes the accumulation of oil and fat on the blinds.
  • Avoid long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation as blinds can get harmed.
  • Prevent extreme use of water for real wood blinds as they may lose their color because of the moisture.
  • Never test bleach cleaning with real wood. It is only for faux wood blinds.

Conclusion | Recommendation

Window blinds conserve the quality of air in the room and make the space pleasant as well as magnetic. They make your property more valuable, praise-able, and presentable. Therefore, make a proper schedule and different ways to clean wood blinds and maintain the blinds by applying the above methods according to the requirements. If you still have considerations, you can contact our team, and we’ll provide better guidance and solutions to your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this blog, the masses might have questions in mind. We can’t leave without answering them. Your queries mean a lot. Read this part carefully and fix your problems.

Is There Any Advantage To Removing Wooden Blinds For Cleaning?

If the blinds are jammed or have any problems with the control mechanism, you can remove them to reset them. Otherwise, there is no need to take them off for cleaning; simply clean the blinds in a hanging position.

Is It Possible To Steam Clean Blinds?

If the real wood blinds are steam-dried, they will get moisture that can be harmful to them. Similarly, faux wood blinds are made with PVC and may melt because of heat. Therefore, act wisely and avoid steam cleaning to keep your blinds safe.

Can We Wash Real Wood Blinds With Water?

Real wood blinds are absorbent and can take in water, which can cause them to be warped. Therefore, never wash them with water. However, you can clean them with a damp cloth.

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