What are the Best Blinds for Tall Windows | 2024 Guide

Best Blinds for Tall Windows

Tall windows are the attraction of the place. They not only look beautiful but also enhance the interaction of your indoor space with the natural environment. Large windows make your room look more spacious. With the help of large windows, you can easily connect your indoor and outdoor areas.

Best Blinds for Tall Windows are very beneficial, but on a sunny day, you need a window covering for them so you can enjoy your room peacefully. At night, the window covering gives you privacy. There is no window covering ideal for tall windows other than blinds. Because of their simple operation, blinds are the only solution for tall windows.

So, if you have tall windows in your homes and offices and you want to cover them beautifully, then buy blinds for them. The blinds according to the size of the high windows are difficult to find, so you will have to buy a pair of made to measure blinds.

Not every type of blind can’t be used for large windows, so select wisely for the gigantic windows. If you are unsure about which type of blinds to choose for your tall windows, I am here to help. So, continue reading this blog and get the solution to your large window coverings problems.

Most Popular And Best Blinds for Tall Windows

There are many blinds on the market that are very beautiful and economical, but they are not good for large windows because some of them are very heavy, some can’t be manufactured in large lengths, and some have operating problems with tall windows. So we have to select wisely when it comes to the selection of window coverings for high windows.

Now I am going to discuss the most popular Best Blinds for Tall Windows that look awesome on large windows. I am also going to mention the pros and cons of every blind so you can select according to the needs of the place.

1. Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds for Tall Windows

I am mentioning vertical blinds at the top of the list because these blinds are specially made for large windows and sliding doors. They can be the ideal choice for the high windows of offices and homes. The beauty of these blinds can enhance the interior decor of the place and make the room look more stunning.

Pros of Vertical Blinds

Absorb Less Dust

These blinds are very easy to clean because they accumulate a very small amount of dust, which can easily be cleaned by using an upholstery brush or a duster.


Vertical blinds are very affordable as compared to other blinds. They are very economical to install on large windows.


Vertical blinds are very versatile as they can be easily adjusted in every type of interior, so there is no need to worry about the adjustment of these blinds in a contemporary environment.

Block Maximum Light

These blinds have the ability to block the maximum amount of light that tries to enter the place. So, they are an ideal option for large windows because large windows are more exposed to light as compared to small windows.

Increase the Attractiveness

Vertical blinds are one of the most beautiful blinds on the market, so they can be the perfect option for large windows because they have the ability to increase the attractiveness and charm of the place.

Cons of Vertical Blinds

Block the Maximum View

They block the maximum view of the place because of their thicker slats.

Make Noise

Vertical window blinds made of harder materials make noise during strong winds.

2. Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds for tall windows

Roman Blinds are another versatile option for large windows, but not for very large windows. These blinds are ideal for French windows and patio doors. Experts also recommend them for bay windows, which are very wide. These are the Best Blinds for Tall Windows and are the most popular these days in the market because of their beautiful styling and design for all types of windows.

Pros of Roman Blinds

Various Options

One of the biggest benefits of these blinds is that they have various options for colors, designs, styles, fabric, and size. So everyone can choose them according to their aesthetics.


These blinds are one of the most versatile options because they have a wider choice of colors and fabrics, so these blinds can easily be adjusted in every place.

Ideal For Modern Theme

If someone wants to decorate their home in a modern way and have tall windows in their place, then installing these blinds can be the best option because they automatically create a modern environment at the place where they are installed.

Give Complete Privacy

Because of their wider slats, Roman blinds provide complete privacy for the whole place. They always keep their eyes away from the windows. If they are installed in bedrooms, they will provide 100% privacy at night.

Look Stunning at Every Place

No matter if these blinds are installed in homes or offices, they look equally stunning and astonishing in all places.

Cons of Roman Blinds

Operate through Cords

If Roman blinds are going to be installed in homes with children, then they can be hazardous to them because they operate through cords. Some manufacturers also offer cordless roman window blinds, so look for them for the safety of kids and pets.

Give Less Control over Light

As these blinds give complete privacy when they are closed, if someone wants to enjoy the outer environment, he has to completely open the blinds, which disturbs privacy.

3. Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds for tall windows

Roller blinds are another attractive option for large windows because they are one of the ideal lightweight blinds. When they are installed on large windows, they never look like they occupy the whole room because of their sleek and light texture.

These blinds even look more beautiful on large windows as compared to Roman blinds. The beauty of these Best Blinds for Tall Windows can’t be beaten by any curtains or shades.

Pros of Roller Blinds


One of the biggest advantages of roller window blinds is that they are very affordable, so they can easily be made for large windows on a small budget.

Available in Different Materials and Styles

These blinds are available in different types of materials and styles. So people can easily select the material and the style of the blinds according to the theme of their place.

Give Complete Privacy

Roller blinds can provide complete privacy for the large windows and also provide an insulating environment in the room as they never allow heat to pass through them, helping to keep the room cool in summer.

Convert into Electric Blinds

Roller window treatments can easily be converted into electric blinds, so they are the best blinds to create a smart home. You can control the light coming into the room with the help of a remote or voice.

Ideal for Pets and Kids

These blinds are free from all types of cords and wires, so they are completely safe for kids and pets. So prefer roller blinds over roman blinds when it comes to children’s safety.

Cons of Roller Blinds

Not Suitable for Irregular Windows

These blinds are not suitable for irregularly shaped windows because of their operating mechanism. If someone wants to install them on irregular windows, then he should install a pair of roman blinds.

Can Flap in Wind

These window blinds are made of lightweight material, so if the windows are open and the wind is blowing, they can flap out of the windows.

4. Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds for tall windows

Venetian blinds are one of the traditional blinds, but they always remain in fashion. These blinds also cover large windows very efficiently. They look tidy and completely managed in all types of windows. The windows in patio areas are ideal for these blinds because they can be completely exposed to nature.

Pros of Venetian Blinds

Provide Superior Light Control

These blinds are one of those blinds which can give 99% control over light. So, these are the Best Blinds for Tall Windows and they can easily block all the light coming from outside. You can also semi-open the slats of these blinds and allow some light to enter the room to do the daily chores.

Easy to Operate

Venetian window blinds are very easy to operate as you just need to pull the cord and they open and close efficiently. The opening and closing mechanisms of these blinds are faster and smoother than vertical blinds and roller blinds.

Available in Many Styles

There is a large variety of these blinds available on the market, with choices of styles and materials. People can easily select the material and style of their blinds on their own.

Suitable for all Windows and Rooms

Venetian Blinds are very versatile because they are suitable for all types of windows and rooms. They can easily adjust to small as well as large rooms. They are also best for open areas.

Bring Integrity and Uniqueness to the Room

After installing the blinds on large windows, uniqueness, and integrity automatically come to the place. These blinds are very graceful. That’s the reason they can enhance the beauty of the place.

Cons of Venetian Blinds

Difficult to Clean

These blinds are difficult to clean because dust accumulates in between the slats, which makes the cleaning of the blinds difficult.

Difficult to Install

They are somewhat tricky to install, so you can never install them unassisted. You must hire a professional installer for the installation of these blinds.


All 4 types of blinds mentioned above are the best blinds for tall windows. I have also mentioned the pros and cons of each blind, so you can easily select any of the blinds according to the requirements of the windows and the interior of the room. Best of luck with selecting the ideal blinds for your large windows.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Blinds for Tall Windows?

There are many blinds that can be used for tall windows. But the most suitable blinds for high windows are vertical blinds. These blinds are specially made for large windows, so they can easily provide privacy, light control, style, and elegance at the same time.

How to Add Privacy to Tall Windows?

There are many ways to increase the privacy of the place, such as the addition of the Privacy Screen, interior barn door shutters, window boxes, and exterior shutters. All these things are helpful for increasing the privacy of the room that has tall windows.

Are Venetian Blinds Outdated?

No, Venetian blinds are not outdated. These are one of those traditional blinds that are still in use because of their elegance and style. These blinds are perfect for large windows and patio areas because they have the ability to increase the privacy of the place.

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