Where To Fit Roman Blinds Inside Or Outside The Recess?

Where to Fit Roman Blinds Inside or outside the recess complete guide

When the time comes for the installation of roman blinds, a valid question arises, “Where To Fit Roman Blinds Inside Or Outside The Recess?” The answer to this question is not so much as simple as it appears; it might depend on the purposes of the installation of blinds. Sometimes, it may be a personal choice, but as a matter of fact, both fittings (whether inside or outside the recess) have their aims, merits, and demerits.

Prior to finding the solution to this problem, one must have knowledge of recess. This suggestion is more valuable for those who have little knowledge about windows and blinds.

Some windows may not have a recess, so it is necessary to know about the window recess. A window recess is an area between your window and the interior wall surrounding the sides of your window. In this blog, the team of “Roller Blinds Dubai” will respond to this query “Whether roman blinds should be fitted inside or outside the recess?” with all considerations.

Every Blind Requires Different Depth

The fitting of a blind also depends on the depth of the window recess. For your query Where To Fit Roman Blinds Inside Or Outside The Recess? If the depth of the window recess is not according to the blind, it can be fitted inside the recess at all. To install roman blinds inside the recess, its depth should be at least 75 mm. Therefore, the depth of the window recess is a vital factor that will be considered while deciding about the blind installation.

Placement Differs With Situations And Requirements

Roman Blinds Placement Differs With Situations And Requirements

Before installing blinds, consider the situation between the unconsidered space and your needs; if you can answer this question, it will be easy to decide whether to install them inside or outside. There are the following possible situations and requirements for these fittings: The space situation and your requirements will determine the placement of roman blinds.

  • Blackout
  • Window opening
  • Radiator under the window
  • Decorations on windowsill
  • Is the window recess narrow or wide?


Blackout Roman Blinds

Sometimes, people wish to have complete privacy in the room and want to have a complete blackout there. Roman blinds fitted inside the recess won’t give a full blackout as a small amount of light can pass across the blinds. However, if Blackout blinds are installed outside the recess, no light will enter the room, which means the desired blackout.

Window Opening

If the window opens inward, there will be a kind of difficulty in the opening because the blind fitted inside the recess may hinder it. For inward window opening, the roman blind should be placed outside the recess to keep the window operations normal.

Radiator Under The Window

If there is a radiator directly beneath the window, don’t install the blind outside the recess. Heath exposure may cause damage to Roman blinds. In this situation, fit the blinds inside the window recess.

Decorations On Windowsill

If you love to place ornaments or decorations on the windowsill, a blind fitted outside the recess may hinder you from reaching them. In this scenario, the roman blinds should be installed inside the window recess.

Is The Window Recess Narrow Or Wide?

If the window recess is narrow, some blinds won’t fit properly inside the recess. The only option is to install them outside the recess to avoid any inconvenience.

Where To Fit Roman Blinds Inside Or Outside The Recess? | Personal Choice

Irrespective of conditions and situations, people might have their own choices. Some like blinds to be installed inside the windows and others like them to be fitted outside the recess. Therefore, no one can interrupt people’s will. They should do what they like.

  • Some people like that blinds should be installed inside the recess as they fit properly inside the window and look neater.
  • At the same time, some people think that roman blinds should be fitted outside as they appear fine there.

Roman Blinds Inside The Recess | Merits, And Demerits

Roman Blinds Inside The Recess

If the window recess is wide enough that the blinds can be installed correctly, you can go for it. Before proceeding ahead, there are the pros and cons of inside fitting that must be considered. They might be helpful.

Merits Of Inside Fitting

  • If someone uses blinds that can be angled, it is best to install them inside the recess as they will filter the light.
  • Blinds inside the recess don’t take up external space and keep the environment neat and clean.
  • If the blinds are outside the recess, their cords make the space untidy. Therefore, the blinds inside the window recess will hide all cords or wires, presenting a neater look.
  • Blinds fit nicely near the window without leaving gaps.
  • Fitting the blinds outside the recess required drilling inside the wall to make holes. But inside fitting doesn’t require any drilling as blinds can be directly connected to the window frame.
  • The blinds fitted inside the recess have a smaller size as compared to others. Therefore, inside installation may be economical comparatively.
  • Whenever you install a blind outside the recess, a header will be needed to hang the blind. Inner installation can eliminate the header cost.

Demerits Of Inside Fitting

  • When blinds are opened, they still hide some part of the window glass that can block the natural light and restrict the outside views.
  • If the blind has a wavy bottom, it may allow some light when it is closed. This may cause a problem in the living room, as complete darkness is required there.
  • Window glass heats because of sunlight. The blinds may be decolorized due to direct contact with window glass.

Roman Blinds Outside The Recess | Merits, And Demerits

Roman Blinds Outside The Recess

If your window recess is too narrow to install the blinds inside, and looking for Where To Fit Roman Blinds Inside Or Outside The Recess? Install roman blinds outside the window recess. Let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of the outside fitting.

Merits Of Outside Fitting

  • The blinds inside the window recess may lose their color because of direct contact with window glass. But on the outside, there is a comparative distance between the window glass and the blinds that prevents them from discoloring.
  • One can choose the size of the blind at one’s own will, as installation outside the recess is independent of the depth of the recess.
  • You can buy a bigger size than required as it will totally block the light to give you a complete blackout and privacy.
  • Because the roman blinds are stylish and present enchanting visuals, they should be installed outside the recess because they will be seen properly.
  • Since the blinds are fitted outside the recess, more light can enter when they are opened.
  • You can hide items from children by placing them behind the blinds; the window can be used as a safe.

Demerits Of Outside Fitting

  • For installation, more mechanical work is needed. A header must be installed to hang the blinds. It may increase the fitting cost and time as well.
  • When the blinds are fully closed, any decorations or ornaments in the window you want to display cannot be seen at all.
  • More size is required for the outside fitting, so it will be expensive comparatively.
  • The cords and control system will be visible in this case, which can affect the aesthetic of the overall space.

Which One Is The Best Option? | Conclusion

After reading this blog, one thing is clear: no one can make a definite choice as both options are available with pros and cons. Moreover, your decision depends on the situations and conditions of the space, specifically on your own preference. “Where To Fit Roman Blinds Inside Or Outside The Recess?” ask yourself, then follow your answer.

But, according to the opinion of “Roller Blinds Dubai”, outside fitting is better than inside fitting because it provides better light control, no fading, and is more aesthetic for the place. However, the choice is yours.

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