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How To Fix Roller Blinds

For their versatility, flexible use, and lower price, roller blinds have become a popular/prevalent type of blind. With the exception of the economy, roller blinds can survive for many years and withstand the stress of time.

However, when it wears and tears, the question pops up in mind; How To Fix Roller Blinds? its sidewinder mechanism on chain-operated roller blinds becomes rigid and jams. The sidewinder mechanism is actually a device that winds the chain of roller blinds up and down according to necessity. As a fault occurs in the sidewinder mechanism, the roller blinds produce a huge noise when operating, making it hard to live with them.

How To Fix Roller Blinds And Malfunctioning of Roller Blinds | Potential Problems

Roller blinds will get stuck in a place and jam, eventually. It will create huge trouble and inconvenience for homeowners. You should attempt to spot the problem first. The roller roman blinds may not work properly because of the following potential problems:

  • Fabric jam
  • Sidewinder issue

Above are the potential issues that may occur, definitely causing the roller blinds to get stuck and produce an irritating noise. After spotting the trouble, you will need to know How To Fix Roller Blinds; our team of “Roller Blinds Dubai” is here to present you with a guide to solving the mentioned malfunctions of roller blinds. Keep reading our blog.

Fabric Jam

Fabric Jam roller blinds

The most likely cause is that the cloth on your roller blind is an actual problem. When you roll up a blind, if the fabric isn’t more or less symmetrical, it might distort to one side and jam in the mechanism, making the blind difficult to operate and, over time, hammering the fabric’s edges and making it appear ragged. Let’s fix the problem caused by the fabric of the roller blind.

How To Fix The Fabric Jam?

  • Hold the bottom of the fabric firmly and pull the roller blind down by the chain slowly, to remove the jam and liberate the blind.
  • If it works, entirely extend the blind when it gets back to normal function, then slowly roll it back up, monitoring the symmetry of the thing to ensure it doesn’t trip over to the side.
  • If it doesn’t work, remove the blind from its brackets and roll the fabric all the way down, then gently roll it back up, keeping the fabric straight and in line with the edges on both sides.
  • Put the entire array back into its brackets, and you should be ready.

Sidewinder Issue

Sidewinder Issue roller blinds

If a fabric jam isn’t the source of your lack of rolling, a stiff sidewinder is usually the problem. Roller Blackout Blinds that are locked in one position, or that are resistive or loud to operate, are usually the result of a stiff sidewinder. This problem can also be solved by WD40 or a similar silicon-based spray of this type.

How To Fix Roller Blinds And Sidewinder Issue?

  • To repair a stiff or noisy sidewinder on a roller blind, remove the blind from the brackets and extract the sidewinder mechanism out of the tube to inspect all the working components.
  • Using the WD40, spray all the moving components, being careful not to get anything on the blind’s fabric, which is prone to staining.
  • If you don’t want to remove the sidewinder mechanism from the blind, it’s best to unroll the fabric all the way down before spraying it, because any WD40 that gets on it will be limited to the fabric at the very top of the blind, which will usually remain rolled around the top tube and out of sight, anyway.
  • Perform the actions accordingly and, finally, you will get rid of the sidewinder issue.


While fixing the roller blinds, always keep these precautions in your mind for a safe/secure solution to the problem.

  • Pull down the fabric gently while fixing the fabric jam problem.
  • Spray carefully while solving the sidewinder issue to avoid staining the blinds.


Fabric jams and sidewinder issues are common problems that may occur with passaging time. However, if you act wisely and on time, you can restore your roller blinds and make them reliable again Once you know our simple steps of How To Fix Roller Blinds?

Now, you can eliminate these problems by yourself by simply following the guide provided by our team of “Roller Blinds Dubai” to reduce the noise and inconvenience in your home.

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