6 Smart Ways To Stop Roller Blinds From Blowing In The Wind

Ways To Stop Roller Blinds From Blowing In The Wind

The aesthetic presentation of window blinds has made them famous among homeowners. They are also quite beneficial, and some people prefer them to curtains since they fit their area better. Roller blinds provide better light control and protect the home from the intense radiation of the sun.

However, if you have installed roller blinds in your home, you don’t need to be worried because of their instability in windy weather, as our team of “Roller Blinds Dubai” has brought to you smart ways to get rid of this problem. You can follow these Ways To Stop Roller Blinds From Blowing.

Nevertheless, they have a disadvantage: they become unstable during windy weather. If you wish to have some fresh air, whether you like to stare through the window, your roller blinds will smash away because of the wind.

Smart Ways To Stop Roller Blinds From Blowing In The Wind

Smart Ways To Prevent Roller Blinds From Blowing

Blowing the roller blinds in the wind is a common problem with property holders. It causes their money to waste, stops them from enjoying the season, and many more issues that are associated with blinds blowing in these conditions. Therefore, the Ways To Stop Roller Blinds From Blowing are here;

  1. Hang weight with roller blinds
  2. Attach cloth with roller blinds
  3. Use Hooks To Hold Roller Blinds
  4. Use adhesive strips
  5. Use vertical cloth blinds
  6. Connect the bottom with the PVC strip

Hang Weight With Roller Blinds

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The most effective and well-known approach to stopping blinds from blowing is to hang weights with the roller blinds. The blinds don’t possess enough weight to show stability against the wind; that is why they have a tendency to flap away in windy weather. If you decrease the mobility of blinds by putting some weight on them, you can fix this problem.

You can use paperweights or disk-shaped weights to force the blinds to stay in their positions even if it is windy. After this activity, your blinds will be stable and the wind will be less effective compared to before.

Attach Cloth With Roller Blinds

Attach Cloth With Roller Blinds

The other problem with blinds is that they produce a heavy noise when they flap in the wind. This unpleasant sound can make the taste of weather enjoy sour, destroying the peace of home. However, forget your worries because “Rollerblindsdubai.com” is here with the solution to this problem.

To suppress this noise, cover the part of the blind that touches the wall or windowsill with the cloth. If you attach some wool or other material to the blinds, they will create minimal noise. You will not hear a loud bang if the blinds are blown against the wall with the cloth you used to connect them. You’ll hear a delicate flutter from the cloth when it rubs against anything instead of a loud thud.

The noise of roller blinds will be muted if you fasten a piece of fabric with them because it will make them heavier than well as more stable against the wind. You can also put a towel across the roller blinds to decrease the noise.

Use Hooks To Hold Roller Blinds

Use Hooks To Hold Roller Blinds

The Other Ways To Stop Roller Blinds From Blowing, you can mount them on the wall. To proceed with this experiment, drill some holes in the window frame. These holes can screw tiny hooks into the window or walls.

If you connect these hooks with the roller blinds, they won’t move anymore. The usage of these hooks will prevent roller blinds from fluttering in the wind. Using hooks to secure blinds to a wall or window frame is a brilliant idea.

Use Adhesive Strips

Use Adhesive Strips

Using adhesive strips, some people have attempted to replace the hook method. Instead of drilling holes in the window frame, an adhesive strip will be applied to the wall or window frame. In this method, an adhesive strip will be attached to the blinds. This will keep them fastened to the window, preventing the blinds from blowing into the wind.

Although this method will not work as hooking, it will be just fine. If you are renting your property to someone, this is a better option as you won’t need to alternate anything. Some people even attach the blinds to the wall using simple tape strips. As long as there isn’t any strong heavy wind, you should be able to use this method.

Use Vertical Cloth Blinds

Use Vertical Cloth Blinds

Using vertical cloth blinds is another Ways To Stop Roller Blinds From Blowing that can be used to stop the noise that roller blinds make in windy weather. If you use vertical blinds, you will not get more cluttered and flapping. But this option isn’t always ideal because these blinds may possess less weight as compared to roller blinds, and cloth blinds may fly away in the wind.

After using vertical cloth blinds, it is quite possible that you don’t want to open the window. However, it’ll eradicate the problem of sound caused by roller blinds blowing in the wind.

Connect Bottom With PVC Strip

Connect Bottom With PVC Strip

Connecting the bottom of roller blinds with a PVC strip is another option to be considered. Although this will not stop the movement of blinds entirely, it will stop their independent movement.

One of the most uncomfortable aspects of Venetian blinds blowing in the wind is that they frequently become twisted and move in different directions. If you connect the bottoms of the blinds with a PVC strip, this will allow them to move in harmony and will reduce the possibility of their blowing up because the weight of all the blinds will be shared.

Above are the ways you can use to prevent your roller blinds from blowing and producing noise. However, there are some other aspects you must keep in mind. Always make sure of the following precautions:

Precautions To Stop Roller Blinds From Blowing

Precautions To Stop Roller Blinds From Blowing

There are some precautions that must be taken by all homeowners to prevent all problems associated with roller blinds. These are:

  • If you buy high-quality blinds, they will be heavier and more stable comparatively.
  • Don’t open windows in windy weather.
  • Put a towel across the window to stop the noise.


You now have a lot more knowledge about what you can do to improve matters and Ways To Stop Roller Blinds From Blowing in the wind. Connecting weight with your blinds may be beneficial, and many individuals may benefit from utilizing a weighted bar. Other options are using cloth blinds or tying them together, which may stop their independent motion.

Examine all the suggestions and then attempt to figure out which ones are best for you. You can use one or both of the strategies to improve your roller blind experience significantly.

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